Fiberglass Tanks in Limestone, IL

Fato Industries, based in Illinois, is a manufacturer of fiberglass tanks from tank systems to environmental scrubbers, air strippers, and small enviro- buildings. Since 1960, we have been fabricating fiberglass products of almost all types. From large storage tanks for chemical storage, salt brine, wastewater treatment, acid pickling systems and oil water separators to much more.

Custom fiberglass products that will help you to meet your environmental regulations.

Custom-Made Fiberglass Tanks for Diverse Industries

If you have containment needs, Fato Industries is capable of manufacturing the fiberglass tanks or product your project demands. The high level of customization and familiarity with broad industries is exactly why customers from across the country reach out to our manufacturing facility in Limestone, IL.

Fato Industries can also fabricate totes, tubs and products for FDA, potable water hydroponics farms, fish hatcheries, and cryogenics tubs with resin and gel-coats that are FDA approved.

We can create small environmental buildings for controls on meters at water treatment plants to meet your desired specifications. Or maybe you are looking for an outdoor fire extinguisher shed in the field or a one off custom building designed and fabricated as required for special projects. Contact us today to speak with an expert at our Limestone, IL location and trust that we’re capable of producing superior results for projects big and small, nationwide.

Fato Industries tank systems are built to your specifications and design requirements. We can design for your needs and cost parameters with high quality materials.

We can create round vertical tanks, horizontal, square, or rectangular shapes for your project needs. We have the optional fittings and bracings for agitators, nozzles flanged and threaded, even manways to pump mounts can be accomplished to complete your project.

We offer a large selection of resins. Resins can be used for chemical resistances, FDA approved resins and gel coats used in fabrication of food grade product applications such as salt brines, fish hatcheries, and cryogenics systems.

Fato Industries can fabricate air pollution stacks, air strippers, and air scribers designed by your engineers, to combat your air pollution requirements for your EPA regulations.

If you have the need for small mixing tanks for the process of liquids in product lines or day to day operations, we can manufacture tanks to suit your everyday needs. We can fabricate the fiberglass tank for the storage of liquids as well. We can build standard tank sizes for 100 gallons to 6000 gallons complete with fittings.

Fiberglass totes with covers, large covers for concrete cisterns, or steel tanks can be custom designed and fabricated by Fato Industries.

  • Tank Types

    Flat Bottoms
    Dish Bottoms
    Dish Tops
    Rectangular Tanks
    Square Tanks

  • Applications
    Bulk Storage
    Chemical Processing
    Acid Pickling
    Fertilizing Systems

  • Resin Types

    Vinyl Ester
    Standard Polyesters
    FDA Approved

  • Fiberglass Fittings

    Flanged Nozzles
    Agitator Mounts
    Ladder Mounts
    Legs FRP and Steel
    Tank Saddles

Liquid Storage Solutions

From wastewater to chemical ingredients, no matter your need for a fiberglass storage tank, we’ll furnish you with the ideal solution, custom-made to perform above and beyond expectations.

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